Trust the process

It was in my final year of University , when I first learnt about the concept of “trusting the process”. At first it puzzled me because I’m the type of person who likes visualizing things and seeing objective results, hence why this was hard to grapple at first. What does it really mean to “trust the process”? Many people have their own understanding and it’s fair to say it is subjective after all. For me personally, I have realized that so many things are out of my control like the colour of my skin, the family I was born into, how other people perceive me and what happens to me tomorrow. This is how I trust the process. It is simply coming to terms with the fact that life ultimately defines itself; or seizing the moment- Carpe Diem and allowing the self (mind-body & soul) to fully experience the moment. The moment can be any circumstance that takes place in your life – be it the birth of a new baby, your adolescent experiences; your first day in varsity; the passing of a loved one; your graduation day and maybe even your wedding day. All these moments provoke a certain type of emotion either sadness, joy, sorrow, humiliation, regrets etc.

Myself On Top of Table Mountain December 2014

Myself On Top of Table Mountain December 2014

Trusting the process is  about  coming to terms with the fact that in your life story – that was meant to happen. Things are the way they were meant to be for your specific journey, maybe to give you a new experience , perhaps a new tale to tell or maybe to strengthen you and give you courage, a humbled heart and even a new fresh pair of eyes with which to view the next phase of your life with.

The moment I started trusting that everything that has happened in my life from my birth until now was significant to my own journey in life, it was when a lot of weight started being lifted off my shoulders. It has taught me to accept and acknowledge that I am not always in control, I will never be. It has taught me a great lesson of self acceptance and because of that today, I feel like I am starting to own my freedom.

Because no two journeys are similar, so is our experiences of events of our life making our journeys uniquely diverse.

And remember that not everyone who screams “Freedom” is really free , until they own their own liberation.

What is your understanding of trusting the process? Leave a comment below .


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