Dreams Do Come True

imageIt was in 2010 when I first laid my eyes on the Ford Fiesta and to my surprise four years later this car still drove me nuts. It got to a point where my mother also started loving the car. I promised myself that if ever I graduated and got a job that I would definitely buy the car. Well , and that was my motivation to work hard in high school and in varsity. I would always look at this car on the roads and everytime Varsity work felt like a burden, one look at the Ford Fiesta was enough to re-energize my spirit back to function and remind me why I started in the first place. Today , I am the proud owner of my first dream car.


It is not always that simple. To dream and be able to see your dreams come to pass does not happen by night. Prayer, faith and a tenacious attitude towards your dreams and the hard work can help you get there. You have to know what you want. You have to listen to that little voice inside that says “it’s possible, try again” ; you have to ignore the voices that tell you that you cannot; you have to push your own limits. And you never have to settle for less than your best.

Keep going.



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