The Journey Is The Destination

” Trust that when the journey seems rough, there are straighter paths ahead…keep going” ~ R.M Thaisi

There comes a time in our lives ( if not yet, then some other day) where we question the meaning of life or as we commonly know the feeling of where we are meant to be’. This – many theorists or academics refer to as a “spiritual journey” where one tries to map out the meaning of life. You know the common ” where am I headed”; “why am I alive”, deep soul searching stuff. It happens to the best of us and you are not alone. It’s not a ‘curse kind of feeling’ or a visit from the gods ( maybe), it’s merely just the YOU trying to fit yourself in the realm of reality. Often when we reach this part of our lives, where we go through a crisis of identity searching… ‘Who am I ‘ probably  being the biggest question the self can ask THE self.

imageIt is fair to say it is all about trusting the process.. Yes I’ll say that because it is the mantra I live by. But what if the process isn’t trust worthy or maybe the journey? Then who do you trust? God? Yourself? You can be the judge. If life was clear of all our destinations, would we keep on fighting our everyday battles? #FeesMustFall?  or keeping up with the grind? Think about t. It is the very uncertainty of the way things are, that makes us hunger for greatness, success and conquer over our circumstances. Because we have the faith of “being sure of the things we hope for and certain of the things we cannot see” (Hebrews 11).

So this journey of where you will end isn’t all clear. But then why are you going anyways? Maybe  it is because you are everyday halfway to your dreams hence why you gotta keep catching up. You have to move on, even when it is tough.

You have to try even if it seems impossible; You have to not take no for an answer, but keep yes a possibility, you have to take chances because that is what gambling with life is like; You have to trust yourself one more time; You have to give trust to a new beginning and trust that where you are in this moment is a chance….. A chance to begin again; a new chapter to discover; a new story to tell; new memories to be made. You have to give life a second chance, always – because everyday is a trial case. You have to trust that this journey and the way it is set with its bumps and cracks, potholes and meandering waves, is how it was set FOR YOU, to teach you something; to sharpen your curves for the straighter waterfalls and silent turbulents ahead ~ where you can finally rest in the depth of the calm ocean. 

imageYou have to indure the challenges, no matter how great or they are or high those mountains seem… You just have to take that first leap of faith into your destiny. It is already waiting for you, written in the stars with your name incrypted on it. Can you feel it? Then go get it!

What significant experience from your life journey can you share  or inspire others with?


Dreams Do Come True

imageIt was in 2010 when I first laid my eyes on the Ford Fiesta and to my surprise four years later this car still drove me nuts. It got to a point where my mother also started loving the car. I promised myself that if ever I graduated and got a job that I would definitely buy the car. Well , and that was my motivation to work hard in high school and in varsity. I would always look at this car on the roads and everytime Varsity work felt like a burden, one look at the Ford Fiesta was enough to re-energize my spirit back to function and remind me why I started in the first place. Today , I am the proud owner of my first dream car.


It is not always that simple. To dream and be able to see your dreams come to pass does not happen by night. Prayer, faith and a tenacious attitude towards your dreams and the hard work can help you get there. You have to know what you want. You have to listen to that little voice inside that says “it’s possible, try again” ; you have to ignore the voices that tell you that you cannot; you have to push your own limits. And you never have to settle for less than your best.

Keep going.


Trust the process

It was in my final year of University , when I first learnt about the concept of “trusting the process”. At first it puzzled me because I’m the type of person who likes visualizing things and seeing objective results, hence why this was hard to grapple at first. What does it really mean to “trust the process”? Many people have their own understanding and it’s fair to say it is subjective after all. For me personally, I have realized that so many things are out of my control like the colour of my skin, the family I was born into, how other people perceive me and what happens to me tomorrow. This is how I trust the process. It is simply coming to terms with the fact that life ultimately defines itself; or seizing the moment- Carpe Diem and allowing the self (mind-body & soul) to fully experience the moment. The moment can be any circumstance that takes place in your life – be it the birth of a new baby, your adolescent experiences; your first day in varsity; the passing of a loved one; your graduation day and maybe even your wedding day. All these moments provoke a certain type of emotion either sadness, joy, sorrow, humiliation, regrets etc.

Myself On Top of Table Mountain December 2014

Myself On Top of Table Mountain December 2014

Trusting the process is  about  coming to terms with the fact that in your life story – that was meant to happen. Things are the way they were meant to be for your specific journey, maybe to give you a new experience , perhaps a new tale to tell or maybe to strengthen you and give you courage, a humbled heart and even a new fresh pair of eyes with which to view the next phase of your life with.

The moment I started trusting that everything that has happened in my life from my birth until now was significant to my own journey in life, it was when a lot of weight started being lifted off my shoulders. It has taught me to accept and acknowledge that I am not always in control, I will never be. It has taught me a great lesson of self acceptance and because of that today, I feel like I am starting to own my freedom.

Because no two journeys are similar, so is our experiences of events of our life making our journeys uniquely diverse.

And remember that not everyone who screams “Freedom” is really free , until they own their own liberation.

What is your understanding of trusting the process? Leave a comment below .

Neon Bikinis – a trend this summer

I had never dreamt of buying an item online because of fear of not getting my items. Simply put it, it seemed so foreign (no pun intended) to buy items online as I was used to the traditional way of purchasing items i.e at a shop. But today technology has made life a tad simpler since with the touch of one button you can buy anything anywhere around the world.

Tbdresses Neon Bikini

Tbdresses Neon Bikini

Here’s my first ever purchase from Tbdresses, I have seen many girls flaunting these bikinis on Instagram and  Pinterest is filled with them, got mine because I didn’t want to feel left out this summer. It costed only $11 (R130) including shipping fees. Customs purchases are however excluded and depended on your country’s exchange rate and the value of the item.